New Era

Era of Socialism

The era of socialism brought a loss of continuity and responsible owners to the local wine-making. The Lobkowicz estate and the chateau winery were managed by the state since 1948. The state farm Mělník was founded in 1951, the chateau winery being part of it. The property was returned to the Lobkowicz family under restitution in 1992. The then 70-year-old Otakar Lobkowicz transferred the property to his son, Jiří Lobkowicz, who lives in the Mělník Chateau. Jiří Lobkowicz has renewed the tradition of the chateau winery and own production.

The Beginning of a New Era

The new era arose in 2009 when, after the reconstruction of the cellar of St. Joseph, which was excavated under the chateau courtyard in 1909, the wine production returned back to the Mělník Chateau.

The vineyard of St. Ludmila was first transferred to the ecological farming system, to be gradually followed by other vineyards. Although this system is more demanding in terms of protecting the vine and risky in extreme years, it has a very positive effect on soil quality and vine which then shows better vitality and grapes of higher quality.

The total planned production is 40,000 bottles of wine per year. The main portfolio consists of trademark wines, the most famous and traditional of which is the white and red Ludmila wine and the Mělník Chateau sparkling wine.